“Murtoa is a small, caring school where everyone knows everyone. The dedicated staff are excellent, work is individualised and the school’s communication is great. At Murtoa College the students really do come first.” ~ Wendy
“I love that Murtoa has small class sizes, teachers really know their students and it’s a local school. For me, the fact that my children will complete all their schooling at one school is really important.” ~ Bec
“Murtoa College has a great reputation and the staff are very approachable. I chose Murtoa College because of small class sizes and my child can continue in the one school right through primary school to Year 12.” ~ Melissa
“The best thing about Murtoa is small classrooms, more one on one between students and teachers; and the teachers get to know and really care about the students better. There is a great array of sports and excursions and subjects… the teachers really know their subject content.” ~ Renae

Past students:


“I always felt so supported and nurtured at Murtoa College! I had great relationships with teachers and peers and always felt as though people were genuinely trying to help me grow to my full potential. Being at a small school meant that I felt comfortable and knew everyone around me. Murtoa College is always adapting to make subjects and programs to suit their students and to push them to be their best. They’re always willing to take on feedback and often ask their students what they need and want to make their schooling experience as good as possible.”

~ Ellen






“The best thing about Murtoa College is that the teachers go to great lengths to help you succeed and be the best that you can be. Parents should definitely send their kids to Murtoa because their children will form lasting friendships facilitated by the small class sizes and the tight knit community.”

~ Lauren







“The best thing for me while at Murtoa was the small size of the school. I knew everyone in my class and in grades above and below. It was easy to make friendships and in class having small numbers allowed the teachers to spend more time with each student. The teachers cared about helping me to achieve my best and reach my goals especially during VCE. The extra curricular sport and camps were also very enjoyable and helped me to stay motivated giving us a break from the classroom.”

~ Harris






“I loved my experience at Murtoa College because I was someone, not just a number. Particularly during my VCE experience, my teachers went far beyond their job description to help me achieve my goals and aspirations. As I look back, I am appreciative of the opportunity and memories I had there.”

~ Maddi