Murtoa College supports its students through the implementation of a visible learning program. The students are familiarised with and use a common language of learning. Students are encouraged to think about how they are going with their work in each class, where their learning is taking them in future lessons, and how they are going to get there. Learning intentions and success criteria are used consistently and explicitly in each class to assist students with their thinking and learning.

A feature of the curriculum is the strong emphasis placed on the school values. The values are not a mere ‘add on’ to the curriculum but are embedded in each class room and are an integral part of all aspects of the school culture. Foremost among the school values is ‘Respect’, and each classroom encourages an environment consistent with the school’s motto of “Respectful relationships in every situation”.

Throughout their years of schooling our students are offered a diverse range of subjects that span the Victorian Curriculum and provide opportunities for students with differing backgrounds and interests. Developing the Literacy and Numeracy skills of our students is a priority from Foundation to Year 12, and these skills are explicitly taught in each subject area. Regardless of their level of achievement, each student is instilled with a growth mind-set, and encouraged to develop their own skills to an appropriate level. Our staff uses a range of diagnostic and summative assessments to meet this end, regularly administering and analysing PAT and OnDemand results alongside our NAPLAN figures.

Students have their progress measured and reported on regularly through the implementation of pre and post assessments in each class. Results from these assessments are reported to students and parents periodically on Murtoa College’s online ‘Xuno’ portal. This allows the school to provide regular meaningful feedback for all students and demonstrate the learning taking place in each class. Murtoa College aims to involve its wider community and keep lines of communication between teachers, students and parents open. Providing consistent updates on the teaching and learning program taking place throughout the year allows the school community to take a more active role in the development of our students.

In the 7-12 area the college offers a diverse program and a comprehensive year 11 and 12 program including VCE, VCAL and VET.  At years 9 and 10 students complement their core studies of English and Maths with a wide and varied selection of elective subjects. Students at these year levels complete individualised programs that offer breadth and depth across each of the learning areas, and provide distinct pathways into the senior years.

Instrumental music lessons are available F-12. IT, Art, German, Physical Education and Science are delivered as specialist subjects in F-6 area with all other domains covered by classroom teachers. A variety of extra support programs are provided across the college to support students in need. These include QuickSmart, Hands on Learning, Bridges, Mates Mentors and reading recovery.

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