Remote Learning

Remote learning occurs when the student and teacher are separated by time and distance and therefore cannot meet in a traditional classroom setting. Remote learning happens in a variety of ways. It is important to note that it is not just exclusively internet-based learning.

Remote learning offers each student the opportunity to continue to engage in high-quality learning whilst engaging with family and their commitments. Remote learning is not a carbon copy of the school experience, but it is accessible, engaging and provides a blend of direct instruction and independent learning. Learning will look different for each subject and as each teacher delivers for students of different ages and stages.

Remote learning can occur in real-time such as through live streaming of classrooms much like conferences. Remote learning can also occur through online channels without real-time interaction. At Murtoa College, there may be some live, online instructions or content but the learning experiences will be designed for students to work at their own pace. Below is are guides and links to assist parents and students transition into remote learning: