Murtoa College is a State foundation year to year 12 (F-12) college that offers a positive learning environment for students who live in a wheat and grain farming community. Our mission statement is at the forefront of everything we do:

‘Inspiring young minds to grow into lifelong learners’

The staff work hard to make the young people of our community into good people and make sure they know how to learn. The data that is used to measure and understand if our programs are successful show signs of steady improvement which is supported by anecdotal evidence.

Our point of difference to other schools is three fold. Firstly our welfare and wellbeing structure and processes makes sure that every student is well known and well supported on the journey through Murtoa College. Secondly, we have class sizes that are generally less than 20 averaging around 15 in the year 7-12 area of the college. Thirdly we offer a large variety of VCE subjects with plenty of breadth. In 2018 we will have 50 students in VCE and we are offering 28 subject of which 23 subjects will have less than 10 students in attendance.

The staff are professional and very capable at providing relevant and useful learning outcomes across the board. We continually challenge the students on a daily basis in their respective classroom work but also extend them with programs through sport, music and camps. We are a community college and our relationship with the community is strong and developing.

We are always happy to receive visitors and welcome enrollment enquiries at any time of year.

Are you interested in joining our school community?
Please send an email to or phone us on (03) 5385 2381.