Year 11 & 12

Murtoa College is proud to offer a wide variety of educational opportunities to its senior school students. We cater for a diverse range of learning programs, and offer a broad range of subjects at both Year 11 and Year 12 with small class sizes. The majority of our VCE classes have less than 10 students in them, allowing our students to receive individualised instruction and thrive throughout their final years of secondary school.

The senior school curriculum at Murtoa College provides students with a range of options that cater for individual aspirations, interests and talents. The program is aimed to provide all students with a unique timetable that gives individuals the opportunity to maximise their potential and realise their goals for life after school.

Our current students are studying the following units in Year 11 or Year 12:

Additional subjects are available through distance education or by connecting to local schools in our network through a video conferencing arrangement.


Many students in Year 10 have the option of electing into a VCE or VET subject that helps to give them a taste of what their senior studies will entail. In Years 11 and 12, all students are offered a comprehensive two-year program of study, working towards either a VCE or VCAL qualification. Both certificates are recognised by tertiary institutions and employers, and provide students with a range of post-school choices. Students wishing to proceed to university are strongly encouraged to undertake the VCE, while those seeking employment or TAFE options may consider the VCAL as a suitable option.