Our Vision for Learning: for students to develop skills that enable them to succeed in everyday life and pursue their aspirations and passions. We aim to nurture students to become respectful, compassionate and tolerant citizens, ready to contribute to their community.


The college has established a set of values that are incorporated into all our learning programs.

Respect – valuing ourselves and others and treating people and belongings as we would like to be treated
Enthusiasm – being excited and positive and giving 100% to everything you do
Honesty – being open and trustworthy
Responsibility – others can depend on you
Cooperation – working together for the benefit of everyone
Courtesy – being polite and having good manners
Caring – being prepared to look after people and things
Friendliness – taking an interest in other people and making them feel welcome
Excellence – doing your best and aiming for the highest standard
Commitment – making decisions and following through on them


At Murtoa College we nurture:

– Academic opportunities
– Sporting opportunities
– Social opportunities
– Community involvement

Murtoa College has a commitment to excellence and encourages students to achieve their individual potential as well as develop their personal qualities of responsibility, independence, self esteem, and consideration of others. Students at Murtoa College are encouraged to take pride in their school, develop a sense of loyalty and commitment, and work to the best of their ability.

The College is committed to the development of the whole person, cultivating intellectual, physical, creative, technological and social skills, which will equip the student with the competence and confidence to manage their lives successfully in an ever-changing technological world.