Student Voice

The student voice is a very important part of this college. It needs to be listened to and heard. The college community wants the students to come to school, engage with the college, feel safe and be connected to their peers. So, how do we find out about improving these three things? We sit down and talk to the students.

I have decided to host a Thursday lunch each week with a group of 10 students and representative from the SRC. The lunches will help me to find out how the college can better provide for the students. It is in its early stages but so far I have been able to get some clear ideas on what they are thinking and some basic requirements.

The new lockers in the year 7, 11 and 12 locker shed as well as benches to sit at have been a resounding success. The student body are now working to raise funds to replace the lockers in the 8, 9 and 10 shed. As well as this new backboards went up on the outside basketball courts last week and the number of students using them was very encouraging.

These are just small things in the big picture but if we listen we will learn. I will then be able to make changes to help improve the college for its young people. Thank you to those students who have attended the lunches and shared their thoughts. I look forward to sharing Thursday lunches with more students in the near future.


There is going to be a BBQ on the 26th of August at lunchtime, and casual clothes day, with all funds raised going to towards Wimmera Uniting Care for Homelessness Prevention Week.

Sausage $2, Hamburger $3, Drinks $2

Please support this worthy cause.


In Australia 1 out of 200 people is homeless every night
60% of people who are homeless are from rural areas
Last year 1525 people in the Wimmera were affected by homelessness, 178 were children.