‘Poetry In Motion’

Motion has always been a big part in the study of Physics. We can thank Galileo, Newton and more recently Einstein for getting us to where we are now in our understanding of how objects move and behave. Physics students study motion in both Year 11 and 12. Recently Year 12 students derived mathematical formulas for how objects travel when in circular motion and in a detailed research project investigated how efficient trebuchets are. ‘Big is beautiful’, J. Horvat.

Science Challenge

Thursday November 24 was the science challenge at the College. Students from Foundation though to year 10 took part in the Murtoa College Science Challenge. The stadium was decked out with all the science projects and
the Murtoa College Community were invited to come through and see the displays. 5 external judges were invited to judge the projects and awards prizes. It was a fantastic day and there were some amazing projects.

Well done to all the students and staff that were involved. I would especially like to thank the external judges
who gave up their valuable time.
Bernie Dunn – GWM Water
Tony Baker – Wimmera Catchment Management Authority
Lorraine Merten – Wimmera Southern Mallee LLEN
Mary Bysouth – Wimmera Southern Mallee LLEN
David Venn – Former DPI

Science Awards

2017-mcsa-sponsors-v2Once again our Murtoa College Science Awards were well supported by the community, our families, students and staff. Thursday 24th November was a highly successful day for Murtoa College and most importantly our students, especially those whose shared their scientific knowledge and understanding with our five guest judges. They were all very impressed with the quality of the work and passion in which their presentations were delivered. Congratulations to all involved.

2017 Murtoa College Science Awards

2017-mcsa-sponsors-v2On Thursday, we will be hosting judges from Wimmera Catchment Management Authority, Wimmera Southern Mallee LLEN, GWM Water and Yarriambiack Shire who have volunteered their time to be involved in the F-6 section of the 2017 Murtoa College Science Awards. WCMA and GWM Water also kindly donated sponsorship to provide prizes for the three placings for each of the competition categories. During periods 3 and 4 the shortlisted entrants from each class will be presenting the science projects to the judges. After lunch, from 1:40PM, we invite the community to join us in the stadium and celebrate the amazing projects which the students have created. Following this open celebration we will be hosting our assembly in the stadium and award the places for each of the four categories. We are looking forward to seeing our community join us for this exciting event once again.



Solar OvensOn Wednesday year 7 students in Mr. Coles’ Science classes tested their ‘Solar Hot Dog” cookers.

It was a perfect day with high temperatures and a clear sky. Year 9 students are lucky enough to have classes in the morning and the afternoon on Wednesdays so it was ideal for setting up early on and then ’testing’ the effectiveness’ of their ovens which featured glad wrap double glazing and a parabolic reflector. The testing ‘went down” well. A big success.