GWR Cross Country

Greater Western Region Cross Country – Warrnambool 2017

 Congratulations to all our competitors for competing at the Greater Region Cross Country at Warrnambool on Monday 5th June.

All our qualifying students did a great job completing their events in the array of schools stemming from Lorne, Ballarat, Warrnambool, outer Geelong and beyond!


13 Girls 74 competitors Bronte Kerrins 51st

13 Boys 81 competitors Lachie Weidemann 28th, Chandan Thandi 38th, Fraser Adler 64th, Brazer McKenzie 77th, Tuskan McAlpine 78th. This group of boys were entered as a team and came 5th out of 5 teams in this age group.

15 Boys 73 competitors Blake Turner 50th

Special thanks to Mr Shane Williams for driving the bus to and from Warrnambool for the day. Also thanks to the parents, friends and family who took our students to Warrnambool for this event.


Little Desert (B Group) AFL 9’s Football – Year 7

Little Desert (Group B) AFL 9’s Football Year 7

Thursday 8th June, 2017

Dudley Cornell Park, Horsham

Murtoa College vs Dimboola Memorial Secondary College

Year 7 Boys AFL 9’s Football Team 2017

Paddy Rabl, Brazer McKenzie, Darcy Keel, Lachie Weidemann, Deacan Campbell, Fraser Adler, Lloyd Baker, Blake Downer, Tuskan McAlpine, Jordan Sayers

The nine boys that travelled to Dudley Cornell park were quite pleased that Dimboola were able to field a team so they could at least, play one game together in 2017. With a slight breeze and sunshine, it was a tremendous day for football. The students from both teams really enjoyed the contest, with a couple of Murtoa students offering to play for Dimboola to even up the sides.

The first quarter was a very tight struggle, with Lachlan Weidemann kicking Dimboola’s first goal of the game. He played for Dimoola until Deacan hurt his ankle, and then he returned to the Murtoa side.

After the first quarter, Murtoa was able to kick away with a majority of the students having a shot on goal. Tuskan was amazing up forward, kicking 4 goals in one quarter.

Lachlan Weidemann was terrific, providing a great link up through the middle and using his skills to hurt the opposition. Blake Downer was incredible in the backline, rebounding consistently and constantly showing great sportsmanship towards both Murtoa and Dimboola students. Blake received the MVP award for his positive enthusiasm and effort on the day.  I was so happy with the spirit shown by the Murtoa students and the enjoyment they received from playing with their friends.

End result:

Murtoa 8 goals 16 points
Dimboola 3 goals 5 points

Best players: Blake, Lachlan & Tuskan

Nathan Sachse (coach)

Little Desert (B Group) Year 7 – Netball

Thursday 8th June, 2017


 Ten Year 7 girls represented Murtoa College in the Little Desert Year 7 Netball Tournament in Horsham on Thursday. Coached by Jessie Delahunty and Cleo Baker, the team played two shortened games against two schools in the Little Desert Division. Cathie Weidemann was our umpire for the day and she gave our players valuable advice as they played to improve their understanding of playing within the rules. The improvement the team made across the day was great to see.

It was fantastic to see the girls work together as not all normally play netball, and those who were new to the game were embraced by the seasoned players. Despite the cold weather, the girls did a mighty job against both schools and showed determination and sportsmanship.

Game 1 Murtoa College v Dimboola Memorial College                    Lost 12:22

Game 2 Murtoa College v St Brigid’s College                                       Won 13:9

Special thanks to:

  • Cathie Weidemann for encouraging our team, and especially for UMPIRING for the whole day;
  • Jessie Delahunty and Cleo Baker for coaching the team and encouraging the girls over the duration of their games;
  • The parents and friends for coming out to support their students during the day.

Year 8 Girls Netball (B Group Little Desert Division)

Horsham – Wednesday May 31, 2017

Eleven Year 8 girls represented Murtoa College in the Little Desert (Group B) Year 8 Netball Tournament in Horsham on Wednesday. Coached by Holly Jende & Bella Adams, the team played six shortened games against schools in the Little Desert Division.

It was fantastic to see the girls work together as not all normally play netball, and those who were new to the game were embraced by the seasoned players. Our non-netballers deserve a special mention for the improvement in their skills over the duration of the day. The regular netballers put in a huge effort over all the games, competing with consistent vigour and drive. Well done girls!


Round 1 Team Result
Murtoa Balmoral Lost 9-5
Round 2 Team Result
Murtoa Edenhope Lost 21-3


Round 3 Team Result
Murtoa Warracknabeal Lost 3-12


Round 4 Team Result
Murtoa Marian Lost 25-0


Round 5 Team Result
Murtoa Kaniva B Draw 12-12


Round 6 Team Result
Murtoa Dimboola WON 15-10


Round 7 Team Result
Murtoa Kaniva A WON 9-3


Special thanks to:

  • Lori Young and Bridget Drum for dropping everything at the last minute to come and umpire for us (thanks to their teachers too, for releasing them for the day;
  • Bella Adams and Holly Jende for coaching the team and encouraging the girls over the duration of their games, and for the planning they did to give all players sufficient court time);
  • The parents and friends for coming out to support their students during the day.


Year 8 Girls Netball Team:

BACK – Bella Adams (coach), Bridget Drum (umpire), Larrissa Crawford, Cleo Baker, Selina Boyd, Jessie Delahunty, Courtney Mathrick, Holly Jende (coach), Lori Young (umpire)

FRONT – Shontelle Scott, Eboni Hucker, Rhiannon Oxley, Jade Saligari, Monique Gellatly, Breanna Bell

Year 8 Football AFL 9’s (Group B Little Desert Division)


Murtoa College (14) vs Holy Trinity Lutheran College (50)

Murtoa College (63) vs Warracknabeal Secondary College (8)

Murtoa College (38) vs Dimboola Memorial Secondary College (25)

The lads won two out of their three games. Each of the three games had three 10 minute ‘quarters’, and with modified teams and grounds.

We started slowly against the Lutheran College with zero goals to five in the first quarter. We won the second quarter and were competitive in the last term, but ultimately went down to the classy outfit. Rhys and Billy kicked a goal each in that game.

Our boys dominated the match against Warracknabeal, winning every quarter and keeping them to one goal. Bailey kicked five goals, Brayden two, and Rupert and Billy with one each in the big win.

We had a closer game against Dimboola, losing the first quarter, evening it up in the second, then running away with the win in the last term. Our five goals were shared around, with Rhys, Billy, Brayden, Rhyce, and Nic kicking one each.

The boys enjoyed the day and played well as a team. They shared the roles around the ground with everyone getting a run in their preferred position. Well done to Billy, Ben and Rupert who filled in for a quarter each for Dimboola who were a player short (with Billy kicking a goal against us!). Bailey Young was awarded best-on-ground for the day with a good showing of goals, tackling, and running all day. All of the boys played well and fulfilled their role in the team. Good job boys!

Mr Shaun Williams.

Athletic Standards

Athletic Standards

Thursday 16th March, 2017

Last Thursday, students and staff spent periods 1-4 participating in athletic events for the Athletic Standards. In their house groups, students completed 100m, 200m, 400m, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Javelin, Discus and High Jump.

Student results were recorded and compared to set standards for their age groups and given a score.

ATTENDANCE       5 POINTS per student

TRACK EVENTS    participation = 2 points, better the standard time = 3 points                                                                                  FIELD EVENTS      participation = 2 points, 3 levels of achievement worth 5, 4 & 3 points

Scores have been tallied and the winning house will be announced at the conclusion of the Athletic Sports on Thursday 30th March, (last week of Term 1).

Thank you to all students who participated and gave their best in each event, and also to staff who had to give up many of their ‘spares’ to co-ordinate the event. Special thanks also to students who stepped up an assisted the House Captains.

House Cross Country

Lake Marma, Thursday May 4, 2017

The House Cross Country was run last week around the picturesque Lake Marma. Students from Years 7 to 12 ran together around the 3km course, the senior boys in the 16-20 year age group ran 5km which included part of the racecourse.


All students received allocated points depending on their placings; 20 points for winning their age group, 19 for second, 18 for third, and subsequent points as the placings came in. This was their incentive for achieving the best possible time.


The age champions were presented at Secondary School Assembly this week.


Degenhardt 539        Meier    744         Waterson 605

Cross Country Age Champions

12-13 Years Boys: Lachie Weidemann, Meier; 2nd Chandan Thandi; 3rd Tuskan McAlpine, Waterson

12-13 Years Girls: Bronte Kerrins, Meier; 2nd Teash Yates-Joyram; 3rd Montana Pickering, Degenhardt

14 Years Boys: Bailey Young, Waterson; 2nd Brayden Webb, Meier; 3rd Deacan Campbell, Meier

14 Years Girls: Cleo Baker, Degenhardt; 2nd Breanna Bell, Waterson; 3rd Hannah Whyte, Degenhardt

15 Years Boys: Blake Turner, Meier; 2nd Ronan Garth-Lindsay; 3rd Darcy Schultz, Meier

15 Years Girls: Laelah Robertson, Waterson; 2nd B’Elanna Penny-Paditz, Waterson; 3rd Shanara Phillips, Meier

16 Years Boys: Jordan Delahunty, Waterson; 2nd Cody Bell, Waterson; 3rd Jordan Weyburg, Degenhardt

16 Years Girls: Emmy Dingwall, Waterson; 2nd Georgia Uebergang, Meier; 3rd Lori Young, Waterson

17 Years Boys: George Robbins, Meier; 2nd Jordan Weidemann, Meier; 3rd N/A

17 Years Girls: Bonnie Delahunty, Waterson; 2nd Ashton Hardingham, Degenhardt; 3rd Maddi Morgan, Degenhardt

18 Years Boys: Hayden Farlow, Meier; 2nd Thomas Petering, Waterson; 3rd Zach Loats, Meier

18 Years Girls: Charlotte Newell, Meier; 2nd Bailey Cox, Meier; 3rd Karina Drum, Waterson

Black Ranges Cross Country – Thursday 25th May, 2017

Eight schools in the Black Ranges Division converged on Murtoa last week to compete at this year’s Black Ranges Cross Country. About 205 students combined from Horsham College, St Brigid’s College, Holy Trinity Lutheran School, Stawell Secondary College, Ararat Community College, Marian College and Warracknabeal Secondary College ran the 3 or 5 kilometre course around the picturesque Lake Marma and Rabl Park to qualify for the regionals in Warrnambool on June 5.

The day would not have occurred without the support of all staff, many of which left their work to assist with the event, and others who remained at school to keep other classes running.

Thank you to the Year 9/10 students who assisted on check points and were invaluable in their roles as well. They all completed their long, boring jobs without complaint.

Special thanks to:

  • Gary Bourke, for attending with his PA equipment and announcing for the day;
  • Brian Storey for organising the venue for us;
  • Fiona Kerrins and Mandy Murfett for the food and snacks in the canteen;
  • Jenny Reading for being our First Aid person;
  • Stacey Arnold for her lovely hot drinks.


13 Boys                               26 Competitors

Lachie Weidemann 4 13.25.43
Chandan Thandi 8 14.10.75
Brazer McKenzie 11 14.52.26
Tuskan McAlpine 17 15.23.83
Fraser Adler 21 16.16.64
Brent Phillips 26 17.38.72


13 Girls                               27 Competitors

Bronte Kerrins 9 21:08:82
Teash Yates-Joyram 24 22.25.93
Lottie Loats 26 22.38.40


14 Boys                               30 Competitors

Bailey Young 6 13.06.12
Brayden Webb 17 14.24.80
Nic Ballagh 18 14.25.08
Ashley Anderson 29 15.54.49
Rupert Loats 30 16.10.49


14 Girls                               28 Competitors

Selina Boyd 19 19.08.73
Imogen Briggs 20 19.22.14
Cleo Baker 24 20.40.28
Breanna Bell 25 20.56.41
Monique Gellatly 26 21.01.88


15 Boys                               26 Competitors

Blake Turner 8 12.36.55
Darcy Schultz 26 18.54.10


15 Girls                                19 Competitors

Evie Bolwell-Combe 15 21.29.87
Shanara Phillips 16 23.00.95
B’Elanna Penny-Paditz 17 23.01.81


16 Boys                               13 Competitors

Jordan Delahunty 5 22.08.61
Jack Pidgeon 9 26.35.98
Jordan Weyburg 10 27.09.96
Riley Stehn 11 27.21.78
Billy Lawes 12 28.41.05

 16 Girls                                  7 Competitors

Emmy Dingwall 2 16.10.78

Greater Western Region Qualifiers

Students listed as qualifying need to contact Joanne Baker to confirm if they will be competing at Regional level.

Greater Western Region Cross Country

Monday 5th June


 PARKING at: Friendly Societies Park (South Warrnambool FNC). Buses enter off Hyland Street, cars can enter off either Hyland Street or Koroit Street.

Travel arrangements will be confirmed when competitors indicate whether or not they are intending on participating.



13 Boys Name
1 Lachie Weidemann  
2 Chandan Thandi  
3 Brazer McKenzie  
4 Tuskan McAlpine  
5 Fraser Adler  
13 Girls Name
6 Bronte Kerrins
15 Boys Name
7 Bailey Young
15 Girls Name
8 Blake Turner
16 Girls Name
9 Emmy Dingwall
16 Boys Name
10 Jordan Delahunty
11 Jack Pidgeon
12 Jordan Weyberg
13 Riley Stehn
14 Billy Lawes

Intermediate Girls Netball


Horsham – Monday May 15, 2017

Last week an Intermediate girls team accompanied by Mrs Jan Dunlop, played netball at Horsham for the B Group (Little Desert) competition. The team played against Edenhope, Kaniva, St Brigid’s, Dimboola and Warracknabeal Schools. The girls were challenged against tough opposition but they showed an improvement in their play over the duration of the day.



Round 1                                                                                                              

Murtoa                     10             Edenhope                9

Round 2                                                                                                              

Murtoa                     27             Kaniva                       4

Round 3                                                                                                             

Murtoa                    18             St Brigid’s B             8

Round 4                                                                                                              

Murtoa                     7                Dimboola                 16


Round 5                                                                                                             

Murtoa                     16             Warracknabeal      13

Round 6

Murtoa                     5                St Brigid’s A             10

Year 9/10 Girls Netball Team:

L-R: Jaye Farlow, Bella Adams, Holly Jende, Bridget Drum,

Ruby Batchelor, Lori Young, Mackenzie Goodin, Hannah Whyte

Special thanks to:

  • Jan Dunlop for accompanying the students, managing the team and umpiring on behalf of Murtoa College for the whole day.

Black Ranges Cross Country – Thursday 18th May 2017

         Top 6 students in each age group from House Cross Country will qualify

·         Murtoa Football Oval

·         Students will be walked from school during period 2 and return to school during lunchtime.

·         Students must bring appropriate footwear and clothing, drink bottle and snack.

·         If your child’s medical history has changed, please notify the school of this.

·         If you are planning to spectate, please be aware there is limited shelter at the oval – Rug up!

·         There will be a canteen operating on the day – Pies, pasties, sausage rolls, pizza, sandwiches, lollies and cold drinks. Tea and coffee will also be available.


·         10.50                      12-13 Girls (3km)

·         11.00                      12-13 Boys (3km)

·         11.10                      14 Girls (3km)

·         11.20                      14 Boys (3km)

·         11.30                      15 Girls (3km)

·         11.40                      15 Boys (3km)

·         11.50                      16 Girls (3km)

·         12.00                      16 Boys (5km)

·         12.10                      17 Girls (3km)

·         12.20                      17 Boys (5km)

·         12.30                      18+ Girls (3km)

·         12.40                      18+ Boys (5km)

·         1.00                        Presentation

·         1.40                        Clean up and depart.
Top individuals will qualify for regionals. One team of 5 competitors plus the next best 7 individuals in each event will continue onwards to the Greater Western Division Cross Country at Warrnambool, Monday 5th June.

Students on Checkpoints at Black Ranges Cross Country

All Year 9 and Year 10 not competing at the Black Ranges Cross Country at Murtoa Oval, will be manning checkpoints for periods 2-4.

Students will be walked from school during period 2 to the oval and bussed around to their checkpoints for the duration of the event, about two hours.

Students on checkpoints should bring a warm coat, umbrella, gum boots, fold up chair, blanket and any other items to keep them comfortable for this block of time. It would also be appropriate for them to bring a drink bottle and snacks.

Could you please ensure your student is adequately prepared for Thursday in case it is cold and wet on the day.