Scholastic ‘ Bookaneer’ Book Fair!

The Scholastic truck will arrive on Tuesday March 7 with a bountiful
selection of books and stationary. Scholastic gives us vouchers to
offer as incentives and prizes.
The Fair concludes on Tuesday March 21. All sales earn the school
commission to purchase books for our school.

Issue 1: Scholastic Book Club

Scholastic Book Club gives the school a 20% commission on all purchases. The Issue 1 brochures were sent home last week and those wishing to make purchases need to be completed by Tuesday February 15th. For those parents new to the system, orders with cash or cheque payments need to be given to Mrs Kingston or Mrs Reading in the library. If you have a credit card it really is easy to order on-line through the Linked Online Ordering & Payment system, (LOOP). You can download a free app to take you there or visit – worth a visit as there is useful advice on reading, as well as competitions to enter, and the
brochures can be viewed online.

Once the goods arrive I distribute them to the classroom teachers or student. If you would prefer to collect the items, especially those choosing the LOOP option, please let me know if you would like me to hold the order at school for you to collect.