Scholastic Book Club

Issue 5 brochures were sent home last week. Orders need to be finalised by this Friday, July 29.

Premier’s Reading Challenge

The Premier’s Reading Challenge finishes up on Friday 9th September. No data can be entered after this date. It is preferable that you enter the data yourself as I only have access to book that students borrow through our library. See me in the library or visit the website for information on the Challenge.

Congratulations to the 22 students who have finished the Challenge:

Year 3: Regan Bell, Emily Moore, Bella Noonan, Lyla Schultz, Hayley Sudholz, Liam Wheeler, Clare Whyte

Year 4: Lily Adler, Charlie Gawith, Mason Harris, Felicity Okley, Cameron Whyte

Year 5: Noah Horvat, Wayne Nash, Tyler Wright

Year 6: Fraser Adler, Finley Goodin, Oscar Gawith, Anai Taylor

Year 8: Curtis Brown, Lydia Moore

Year 10: Ashton Hardingham