Premier’s Reading Challenge 2016

Premier’s Reading Challenge 2016We are now half way through the Premier’s Reading Challenge. It’s still not too late to enter, and it is an impressive inclusion to have on your resume. (It shows that you are literate and can set yourself goals, though some just do it for the luncheon I provide at the end of the Challenge!)

There are a number of students that are so close to finishing – needing to read a couple of books from the Challenge list.

For information on the Challenge visit the website

To register, please see Mrs Reading in the library.

Congratulations to Mason Harris, year 4, who has finished the Challenge!

Scholastic Book Club

Issue 4 brochures were sent home last week. Orders need to be finalised by Friday June 3rd.

Overdues and Damaged Books

If a book has a torn or loose page, please let me know when it’s returned so that I can attempt fixing it. I’d rather repair it here as

we have all the tools and equipment to do this properly. There are limits to what we can do however, and we have had some

returned in a totally unacceptable condition –wet, moulding, or covered in scribblings from younger siblings. Also, a number of

our favourite titles are either missing or are long overdue. Please check your shelves at home so that our money can be spent on

new and exciting titles rather than having to replace missing or trashed ones.