Finish to the Year

This is the last week full week of the school year. The semester has been packed full of activities and there have been plenty of things to celebrate. As we head to the holiday period we will celebrate all the major student successes at the presentation evening on Wednesday night. Please make an effort to come and help the Murtoa community celebrate the 2016 year.

It is time to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to the Murtoa community! Hopefully, everybody enjoys the festive season and has a relaxing and safe holiday period.

Note: Tuesday December 20th – last day. School will finish at 12pm and it is a casual clothes day.

2016 Final Reports

Parents and Carers are reminded again that the final student report for each of your children who attend the college will be handed out to all students at presentation night rehearsal on Wednesday afternoon December 14. All students who attended the college this year are expected at the rehearsal for presentation evening and then to attend the presentation night.

2017 School Year

The college will be open on Monday January 30 and staff will return that day. All Year 7-12 students will return to school on Tuesday January 31. Tuesday January 31 and Wednesday February 1 will be testing days for year F-6 students. They will return to school on a full-time basis on Thursday February 2.

Note: – Parcel collection from Ballarat books is on Monday January 30 from 12noon until 2pm.

Steps Day

All our 2017 new students will attend our ‘steps’ day on Tuesday December 13. We will welcome into the college the new Foundation students, the new Year 7 students and various others throughout the rest of the college. The day will be a chance for the new students to transition into a new school environment and meet new peers and new staff.

They will have a very smooth transition and this will help them feel comfortable and welcome on day one in 2017.

F-6 Celebrations Day

The F-6 students had their celebration day last Friday. They asked parents and carers to join them for their presentation afternoon in the school stadium. The students did a great job in show casing their work from 2016 and then receiving awards.

Thank you to Mr Venn and the F-6 years staff members who assisted in organising and running the afternoon.

This was followed by the grade 6 student’s graduation night at the Railway Hotel with family and friends. Mr Venn and Mrs Noonan organised the students to speak, get a certificate and basically celebrate the end of their F-6 schooling years. I look forward to seeing these students start year 7 and progress through the year 7-12 area of the college.

Foundation – Year 6 News

Firstly, I would like to thank our school community for supporting the F-6 section of Murtoa College throughout 2016. We have had an enjoyable and successful year and hope that the students share our sentiments. On Friday we held our final assembly for the year and it was very well supported. Our students displayed the School Values whilst preforming Christmas Carols and sharing their highlights from a plethora of events from the year.

Our Year 6 Graduation Dinner was a fantastic celebration to honour our outgoing students. They have all contributed positively to our learning community and we look forward to seeing them progress through the next phase of their education. We will miss their bubbly personalities and wish them all the best for 2017 and beyond.

On Tuesday 13th December, we will be holding the Steps Day for our Foundation to Year 6 students. The F-6 section will continue in five classes next year and they will be given experiences which will closely reflect 2017.

Our School Choir and Year 6 students are invited to attend the 2016 Presentation Evening at the Mechanics Hall on Wednesday 14th December. School will be finishing at lunch time in preparation for the event and we ask that all attendees be seated by 6:45pm. The F-6 students and families have the option of exciting the event early if they so choose. Otherwise, we welcome your attendance for the entire celebration of 2016.

Finally, I would like to thank our dedicated staff, Miss Barratt, Mrs Venn, Ms Boehm, Mrs Kelly, Mrs Noonan, Mrs Wilson, Mrs Jenion, Mr Sachse, Mr Goodwin, Sheryl, Sharon, Min, Andrea, Leanne, Merrilyn, Jillinda, Jan and Mrs Chapman, for creating such a positive environment for our students to flourish. They work tirelessly to deliver engaging learning experiences and support the ongoing development of each student. We certainly owe them a huge congratulations for leading development of our learning community.


Steps Day Timetable


F/1 1/2 3/4 4/5 6
Period 1 9:00AM English English English English English
Teacher Mrs Venn Mrs Wilson Ms Boehm Mrs Noonan Miss Creek
Teacher Mrs Venn Mrs Wilson Ms Boehm Mrs Noonan Miss Creek
Recess 10:40-11:00AM TG/BV
Period 3 11:05AM Maths Maths CCS Digi Tech Maths
Teacher Mrs Venn Mrs Wilson Mrs Kelly Mr Venn Miss Creek
Period 4 11:55AM CCS Library Maths Art Digi Tech
Teacher Mrs Kelly Miss Barratt Ms Boehm Mrs Jenion Mr Venn
Lunch 12:45PM – 1:35PM Shade Shade Shade Shade Shade
Period 5 1:40PM Library CCS Digi Tech Maths PE
Teacher Mrs Venn Mrs Kelly Mr Venn Mrs Noonan Mr Goodwin
Period 6 The Arts The Arts The Arts The Arts The Arts
Teacher Miss Barratt Mrs Wilson Ms Boehm Mrs Noonan Miss Creek




Laser Tag

Part of the Big Day Out activities, Year 7  and 8 students visit Bearnie’s Battlefield in the Grampians. The students went to battle with Laser tag guns in the bush.